Testimonials of CLI’s Impact

“Having recently attended the [Classic] Leadership Institute, I have a profound new appreciation for the skills required to lead our growing organization. On a personal level, I learned how to give and receive developmental feedback, work with teams to accomplish very specific tasks, and to understand and appreciate the unique characteristics of my teammates. Most training environments are just that, opportunities to learn new things.  CLI fostered a positive learning environment that allowed me to practice new skills, each of which complimented our various learning objectives. Since returning from CLI, I have had a chance to teach and mentor many employees on the concepts and skills gained there. As a result, I have witnessed tremendous growth in the level of trust and respect that individuals have for each other. It is out of respect for the talented CLI facilitators, the outstanding curriculum they promote, and the results they achieve that I provide this personal testimonial. I wholeheartedly endorse their program and attest to its value as a worthwhile strategic investment.”

Mitch Hagstrom

EVP, Chief Banking Officer, Pacific Continental Bank

“Because CLI is almost totally experiential learning, I began to see that decisions developed by the team were far superior to the decisions developed by the one person in the group who was the best expert. I also began to see that team decisions could be made quickly. Possibly most important, I began to see more clearly that really effective leadership was more a process of influence than power and control.”

Major Harry Mullins 

Director of Administration, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

“We’re encouraged to find solutions for problems. Overall, it’s made us a stronger, better business in serving the community; that’s what we’re here for.”

Luann Urban 

Administrative Assistant, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office